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This is the list of all Elementor-related Black Friday Sales for Elementor users.  Currently more than 20 are listed.

ElementsPlus is a free addon pack for Elementor. They have recently added four new widgets: an Accordion widget, a Hotspot widget, a Contact Form 7 widget, and a Sticky Video widget. This is a nice widget addon from the team at CSSIgniter.

Microthemer, which has special integrations with Elementor, has just released version 6. The new version adds the ability to create custom grid layouts using drag and drop. You can drag-draw to create rows and columns and then use the drag handles to position or resize individual items.

The GeneratePress theme saw a large number of accessibility improvements. The team was hoping for the accessibility tag on, but that requires that all links be underlined by default and they didn’t want to push that change on existing customers. They also performed a number of code enhancements to speed up the Customizer, added the ability to remove a site that was previously imported, and added several new hook locations.

Unlimited Elements added several new widgets. The added a Hotspot widget for creating image hotspots, a new Masonry Post Grid widget, and a new Text Rotator Widget. One of the differences between the Unlimited Elements widgets and those from other widget packs is that you can edit the UE widgets in the Widget Creator.

The PAFE form builder received several updates which added new features. A new signature field type was added, a pattern option for phone numbers was added, and the allowed upload file types were expanded to include zip file archives and Excel file types.

Happy Addons has added 3 extensions: Column Order Control for ordering columns in mobile view, the ability to specify column widths in pixels, and a live copy and paste extension. The Live copy and paste feature allows you to copy elements from the Elementor editor on one domain into a page in the Elementor editor on another domain.

The new Ultimate Addons Login widget gives you lots of styling options and a number of new features.  You can add social login using Google and Facebook, there are custom redirects on login and logout, and the option to show a registration form.

The Happy Addons team released a new version with the addition of a Gravity Forms widget so that you can now style a Gravity Form from within Elementor.  They also added a responsive column order feature and the ability to set column width with pixels.

The Elementor team has been releasing design kits that have all of the standard pages that you would use for a website.  Elementor Pro has the theme building feature.  This video shows you how to turn a design kit into a theme.  The tutorial is easy to follow and worth a watch.

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